Trousseau, Brazil’s premier home wear brand, inaugurated the first Trousseau Petit store in Rio de Janeiro in 2009, the brand is oriented around baby and toddler products. Every year new bed collections are developed and launched; these collections include items such as: bed linens, clothes, shoes and accessories. Bed linen for tiny beds and accessories such as bear-shaped hot water bottles, goose down filled blankets, maternity bags, party items, baptism clothes and pajamas for both boys and girls.

Adriana Trussardi, creative director for Trousseau, personally developed the maternity, baptism, pajama and party items for children under the age of 4.
“One of our main concerns is bed linen for tiny beds and cots”, says Adriana. These collections also comprise knitted blankets, accessories, such as pillows with the child’s monogrammed initials, and soft toys that become pillows.
Adriana also draws attention to items made of pima cotton and velveteen – ideal materials for a baby’s comfort. Taffeta and Swiss lace dresses for the girls, and linen trousers and button-up shirts for the boys are highly sought after items in our stores. There are 4 Trousseau Petit stores at the moment, 2 in São Paulo, 1 in Rio de Janeiro and 1 in Belo Horizonte.